Who We’re For

Offering You Knowledge

Finance Without Borders is a global organization, offering personalized service to businesses around the world. No business is too big or too small to work with Finance Without Borders. We have something to offer you, every step of the way.

Early-stage start-ups typically start with the DIY software when they begin working with us. As you learn the basics, you gain the discipline needed to grow!

Personal, Customized, Full-service

As start-ups and small businesses gain more traction, it’s wise to onboard with our outsourced finance team. That way, you’ll have access to a more personal, customized, full-service solution.

Some companies just need part-time support at the CFO level. Perhaps your organization is experiencing high growth, and you need additional support at the senior level. Our strategic solutions will suit your needs perfectly!

Regardless of which stage your company finds itself, we can offer you knowledgeable expertise in every area of finance and accounting.

Life Cycle of FWB Clients


DIY Software: Our DIY software is a great starting point for a founder or new business owner that is new to basic bookkeeping and cash flow monitoring. It will guide you through the initial setup needed to manage your finances and keep your business on track.


Outsourced Finance Team: As your business gains traction, you’ll need more support than the basics of our software. It’s time to get started with our finance team. We give you access to a full finance team that provides you with all of the support an internal finance team would offer. FWB works as a fractionalized team, so you’ll only pay for what you utilize!


CFO-2-Go: FWB also offers CFO support for those special needs. Whether you’re a start-up experiencing high growth, or a mature company with specific needs, we can offer you strategic services that will keep your business moving in the right direction.


Independence: FWB is here to support you all the way to the ultimate goal of independence! When you are ready for your own internal finance team, we will provide you with additional support to ensure that the transition process goes smoothly. Of course, we are always available to help with any special projects that come along!