Your Outsourced Finance Team

As a founder or business owner, it is important to all stakeholders that you stay focused on your business. You can leave the rest to us!

When you work with Finance Without Borders, you work with the best global outsourced finance team. As your business gains traction, your finance and accounting needs will continue to evolve. Finance Without Borders provides a full suite of services, from the basics of bookkeeping to chief financial officer (CFO) responsibilities, when you need them, as you need them.

We work with multiple software partners, allowing us to customize the perfect solution for your business’ finance needs. We start with the basics – bookkeeping and payroll. From there, we can set up a full-service ERP system when your business requires it. We automate the basic functions to reduce data entry, and facilitate time to focus on the true value-add services. Throughout this process, we will continue to identify your business’ pain points, and give you the key metrics to track progress.

What are the benefits of an outsourced, fractionalized finance team?

We offer a full range of services. Instead of limiting yourself to the skillset of a bookkeeper, you have access to a full-service finance team. You only pay for what you use, so you can easily keep your fixed overhead to a minimum.

How much does an outsourced finance team cost?

All of our solutions are customized to meet our clients’ needs. We offer a full-service solution, combining technology and services to give you the most comprehensive assistance.

We take the time to understand your business and its goals. Ultimately, we want you to have an experience similar to walking down the hall to chat with your finance team.

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