What We Do

Finance Without Borders is different from any other outsourced finance team.

It’s our goal to offer you the best internal finance management possible. While there are many guiding principles to finance and accounting, as well as business management, we know that each business comes with its own unique identity. As a result, we know that each individual business will require personalized support.

We prioritize getting to know your business first, so that we can ensure we’re moving you in the right direction. It’s the best way to create a lasting, trusting partnership.

We aim to provide you with the right solution.
With that in mind, we’ve created three major streams of service:

Your outsourced finance team

If you are looking to work with an outsourced team that understands your needs, you’ve come to the right place. Our team has a depth of knowledge across a variety of finance and accounting roles. No matter what aspect of finance and accounting you need to outsource, our team can handle it.

DIY software

Sometimes, you’d prefer to do it yourself. That’s why we’re working on a simple, self-serve software that will walk you through every step of the bookkeeping and accounting process. Even if you’re brand new to bookkeeping, our software can show you how to set up all of your accounting information and keep track.


If you’re looking for ways to optimize your internal systems and keep your business growing, FWB can help. We provide training for start-ups and businesses aiming to maximize on productivity and improve operations and processes. Training like this can help you reduce costs and grow your business sustainably.

You have options when you work with Finance Without Borders. We’ll do everything in our power to set you and your business up for success.